Professional Communication Certificate
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Professional Communication Certificate  

This certificate is designed for professionals seeking to polish and expand their communication skills. It combines practical coursework in written and oral communication. Each course focuses on some aspect of creating clear, concise, persuasive, and effective messages for a variety of audiences, including employers, colleagues, direct reports, and clients. In order to complete the certificate, a student needs to take all four required courses and one of the elective courses (five courses in total).

  • EBC0030 Speaking with Confidence
  • EBC0020 Oral Communication Skills for Professionals
  • EBC0021 Business Presentations
  • EBC0018 Business Writing

  • EBC0029 Grammar for Better Professional Communication
  • EBC0036 Leadership Communication
  • EBC0037 Communicating in Finance and Accounting
  • EBC0042 Career Planning and Development
  • EBC0043 Business Writing - Advanced
  • EBC0044 Media Relations and PR for Business


    F19EBCCER0101 $2,625.00
    This is the pay-in-full certificate registration option. The $45 application fee is waived.

    F19EBCCER0102 $45.00
    This is the pay-as-you-go certificate registration option. This option includes the $45 application fee.
    Please note we strongly recommend registering for at least one course within this semester or you will be charged an additional registration fee with this application.