Customs Broker License Preparation Certificate
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Customs Broker License Preparation Certificate   

This is a group of courses taught by experts in the Customs Broker Licensure Examination (CBLE). The CBLE is offered by Customs twice a year, in April and October. It is a comprehensive and demanding examination, and the student’s chance of passing the examination is greatly enhanced by taking these courses. In past exams, as few as 16% of those taking the exam passed. It has been reported that those who took a complete, comprehensive series of courses in preparation for the exam increased their chances of passing by at least 70%.

  • International Trade: Embarking on the Global Marketplace
  • Import Regulations and Documentation
  • Tariff Classification and Customs Valuation
  • Customs Entry Workshop
  • Customs Law

  • Customs Broker Licensure Test Preparation


    F21IEMCER0601 $4,744.00
    This is the pay-in-full certificate registration option. The $45 application fee is waived.

    F21IEMCER0602 $45.00
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