HIIT + Pilates
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HIIT + Pilates   NEW!

High-intensity interval training paired with Pilates core and dynamic stretch principles. This class will have 20 mins of HIIT lunges, squats, mountain climbers at a safe fun intensity for all fitness levels. HIIT is excellent for losing body fat, strengthen the cardiovascular system developing your work capacity and developed sport-specific energy systems in less time. Plus Pilates for 20 mins to continue in developing a strong core: abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips, and glutes. The benefits of a strong core are manifold: it helps you prevent or recover from muscle aches and injuries, increase stability and strength in your joints, aid in flexibility and body awareness improving posture by releasing those tight tweaks in your body in our dynamic, all level mat classes for a complete workout. Dynamic, all level mat classes. No previous experience is necessary; fundamentals will be covered in-depth to ensure proper form.

Participants should dress in comfortable workout clothes and bring their own mat for these classes.


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