International Business Program - Music and Multimedia
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International Business Program - Music and Multimedia   

New to the CAPS’ catalog, Baruch’s MMCP offers both domestic and international students an opportunity to gain knowledge from hands on, practical and experiential learning foundations through a combination of courses covering areas such as: Music & Video Production, Audio Engineering & Recording, and Business & Marketing related functions surrounding music and multimedia entertainment. This 3 level certificate program is designed to fully engage participants in developing and / or expanding their skill levels to succeed as an advanced professional within the music and multimedia industry of entertainment. So whether you are pursuing the business of entertainment fields as a personal hobby or career related endeavor, you will be more than satisfied with the structure of the courses offered. Each certificate level within this program are equally balanced to provide you with rich classroom style lectures (on-campus), coupled with engaging you at practical hands-on training environments (off-campus) that are held at Digital State-of-the-Art facilities in New York City. Such predesignated facilities are historically notable locations to where some of today’s most famous and iconic television & film directors, actors, music producers, and multi-platinum artists have recorded.


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International Business Program - Music and Multimedia   Class already in session...
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