Leading Virtual Teams
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Leading Virtual Teams   

In these trying times, we have all suddenly found ourselves doing what we never envisaged: leading or managing a virtual or remote team – without preparation. What’s even more overwhelming is the recognition that this change is probably not temporary. Our new certainty, although inevitable, was not supposed to happen so abruptly; we are now forced to adapt…just to survive. The upside is that virtual teaming affords many advantages including the opportunity to expand our talent pool and in turn, leverage diverse experiences and viewpoints. If we aren’t able to embrace the new reality, our teams will be plagued by a number of logistical, technical and socio-emotional challenges including differing cultural norms, expectations, and communication styles - all leading to lower productivity and poor outcomes. This course will examine the best practices that leaders and managers of virtual teams must implement to address these challenges and ensure diverse team members and stakeholders work together efficiently and effectively, starting today. Learning Objectives At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to: -Implement the best practices in supervising a virtual team -Explain the benefits of virtual teams -Learn the competencies and skills required of your virtual team members. -Distinguish between the practical and behavioral challenges of managing your virtual team -Evaluate and adapt your own management style when leading a virtual team


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